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Doodle of oc stuff

Posted by MM-Kingura77 - August 11th, 2022

I thought posting this as genuine art on my account would be too boring yet I still want it out because I got a few words to say about it just because I'm in a rambling mood for original characters right now.


Steve is apart of a group called Exorcist. Being it's whenever someone born a "pure soul" has a will and moral strong enough to be given the strength and ability to summon a "Blessing" (a weapon technically/ability personified) which though is only kept if they dedicate in royalty and their faith to their god. Which by means they are fit to kill and slaughter demons.

Which Steve didn't even really figure what happened when he fallen into this lifestyle. Just that he had a sudden inhuman strength that even with all his training could never have done from something he thought was a dream.

That's where though he met Hailey. Someone who happened to be around at the time he shown this strength. Hailey helped him because she could for once with he knowledge of Exorcist (being apart of the Children of Ember.) Teach Steve the inner-workings of it. Because she likes to help people and this was her chance though to be in the liking of an Exorcist since they're - Half demons - disliked often by this group that slaughter demons for a living. Steve was grateful and gave back with his protection and kindness to her and she ended up falling in love by that means and felt embarrassed but I WOULD say story wise they do end up together in the middle of it all in Lily of the Valley.

Yet I believe with some stuff. Steve is very poetic and emotion driven with words and speech yet Hailey doesn't understand what he sometimes says but she always appreciates/gets the gist that he means he loves her a lot. She thinks it's cute.




The guy in white reminds me a bit of a Jedi

I can see it.

Steve's fit is though actually a white combat suited cassock which follows the fashion of a priest in modern times if you want the detail.

ok cool I find that little fact interesting.
I'm working on my own collection of fairy tales and I've got some problems there. It's very difficult for me to empathize with a priest, paladin and knight/barabren (if I can manage it at all).

unfortunately that is important for writing.
what is your tip and perception about the priests/paladins?

I've never come to give tips for this type of stuff. Though I'll come back when I get a good idea what to reply with cus I would love to help and give you a tip or two (Being Steve is more so a character I write more so with so what helps me is his personality fitting his work or his morality being more based in his past that makes my sense of writing work for him being a priest that happens that in this work more base him to be one trait with the role of Priest.)